"Dream 2, God Bless the World"
2002, Commissioned by DC Arts
Project, Washington DC
Public Art
"5 in the Wind"
2008  commissioned by
The Peterson Companies.
was installed on the
Potomac River Prince
George's County, Maryland.
2001, Commissioned by the Roscoe
Memorial Committee, Takoma Park,
"The Welcome Dome" 2005
commissioned by Glen Haven
Elementary School Art Project, Silver
Spring, Maryland
"Bridge and Highway Designs"  2015,
Created for and by Creative Form Liners, Weitzman Studios, Brentwood, Maryland
"The Racer"  2010
"The Good Book"  2015
"Styling"    2015
"Bikers Two"   2016
"Good Book"   2016
"Bird"    2017
"Red Dog"  2017
"Happyness"  2016
"Metro"   1998
"Kiss"   1999