Normon M. Greene           RA Studio  ·
3415 Windom Rd. Brentwood, MD. 20722

· Present ·
Sole Proprietor  Ra Studio – (2008) Winner of the 100 Top MBE award 2010 - Artist/Facilitator/Instructor · I instruct  youth and adults in teambuilding and group interaction using
the arts, communication, and activities to assist groups in being strong teams. One of my tools for making successful teams is Tai Chi Chuan. I have studied and practiced tai
chi for more that 40 years. I have taught tai chi to youth , adults and families in Maryland, Washington DC and in youth services for 30 years. I use this art form as a way to teach
meditation and skill building in balance, confidence and the tai chi structure.

As a tai chi instructor  I have taught the form in many ways.
1985 – 1987 Director of youth program taught tai chi to youth daily.
1990 – 1992 Tai chi Instructor to families for Takoma Park Recreational Center
1987 – 2008 Provided tai chi instruction to youth and young adults in Whitman High school,

Bethesda Middle school, and Scotland Community Center, Maryland
2010 – Demo and training for seniors at Gaithersburg Recreational Center , MD.
2012-  present -. Gwendolyn Britt Senior Activity Center
2013- present – Joes Movement Emporium, Mount Rainer, MD
2013 - present - Maplewood Park Place, Bethesda, MD.
2016-2018 - Alexandria Veterans Center, VA.  
2016- Present
- Chevy Chase Community Center, MD
2018 - Present - Riderwood Retirement Community

· Artist’s Statement ·
In my artistic studies, I draw inspiration from a number of periods including Cubism and Futurism. I greatly admire the expression of Marcel and Raymond Duchamp, Henry
Moore, and Umberto Boccioni. In my own art, I strive to honor the human form through reflections on people’s relationships with themselves, each other and their environments.
My academic background includes a B.S. in Sociology and a minor in Art Studio from the University of Maryland. I also have an 20-year career as a “team” counselor, working
primarily with disadvantaged youths. Over the last 40 years, my artwork has been displayed in over 90 festivals, schools, galleries, libraries, public recreational centers, and
public parks.

· Prior Employment ·

Director,  (1987 -2008) Bethesda - Chevy Chase YMCA Bethesda  Youth  Services, Horizons Program, Bethesda MD:   provided outdoor adventure training and counseling to
youth  and families. Supervise staff leaders for the Horizons program and other YMCA organizational programs. Develop and deliver recreational programs, trips, and activities
to youth and families in county schools and neighborhoods. YMCA representative for Metro YMCA outdoor safety policies and community outreach. As Director of the Outdoor
Adventure Program and youth counselor,  I developed programs, create a operating budget, hires and provided training to staff. I provided services to youth organizations and
other leaders, in training, and counseling in group work.  I worked with adults, teens, and community groups to help build and enhance skills in responsibility, positive choices,
and risk taking.  Many of the activities I use in reaching these goals are group games, discussion groups, and high adventure. I work with groups as small as 8 individuals and
as many as 300. I facilitate learning in a fun and safe atmosphere.  I have been able to encourage groups to bond in a matter of minutes and provide opportunities for strangers
to become friends and work together to reach a common goal. As Director my goal was to work with youth of all races, ages, sex, or religion and enhance their level of skills in
working with others, problem solving, and commitment.

1985-1987 Director, Youth Program, Takoma Park, MD
1978-1985  Equal Opportunity Specialist, US Veterans Administration, Washington DC
1970-1978 Adminstrator, (YN2), U.S. Navy


       -  University of Maryland, BS(Sociology)
       -  Montgomery County Community College (Art/ English)
       -  Prince George Community College
       -  Central Virginia Community College
       -  Department of Defense Human Relation/Race Relations Institute
       -  Veterans Administration Discrimination Complaints and Personnel
           Management, Toastmasters,  
       -  Computers, and assorted software programs       
       -  Girl Scouts, Nations Capital, Train the Trainer
       -  Montgomery County Child Day Care Association 32 hour youth care course
       -  Tai Chi Instructor- Yang Long Form.
       -  River and White Water, Safety and Life Saving training
       -  NSS Cave Rescue, exploration
       ­  Experiential Education and drug abuse prevention              
       -  Rock Climbing, repelling, belaying
       -  Smith Center Ropes Course Instructor
       -  Back county medicine, Wilderness First Aid Responder
        - White/Flat water canoeing, and rafting
       -  Sexual/Physical Abuse
       -  Group processing and working with at risk youth
       -  CPR and First Aid
-   Maryland Top Rope Systems
-        American Canoe Association
-        InterQuest High/Low Ropes
REFERENCES:    Furnished upon request

· Public Artwork ·

Colored Folks 2017-2018  - One man show, paintings two locations, Joes Movement Emporium, Mount Rainer, and Overflow Café, Cambridge Maryland.

Five in the Wind 2008 · The Peterson Companies · National Harbor, Maryland · 6’ x 3.5’ x 5’ (cast stone) · This sculpture installed on the banks of the Potomac River in Prince
George’s County, Maryland.

The Eagle and the Welcome Dome (2005) · Glen Haven Elementary School Art Project · Silver Spring, Maryland8' x 5' x 2' (wood, fiberglass, clays, paints) · This constructed
eagle is installed above the library doors in a school lobby. I also created and installed a 5’ dome designed as the earth with “Welcome” printed in 12 different languages.

The Prince George's Bird of Maryland (2003) · Prince George’s County · Hyattsville, Maryland · 5’ x 31/2’ x 2’ (fiberglass) · I was selected as a finalist to design one of 70 fiberglass
birds of the Prince George’s County “Birds I View”. The arts council showcased birds across the county for 3 months.
Home Base (2003) · Scotland Community Center Sculpture Project · Potomac, Maryland · 6’ x 4’ x 3’ (bronze) · I was selected by the Montgomery County Acts Council to create a
sculpture consisting of columns with two mounted 32” x 24” bronze reliefs installed in front of the Scotland community center.

Dream 2, God Bless the World (2002) · Washington, D.C. · 5’ x 7’ x 3’ (fiberglass) · I was selected as a finalist to design one of 200 fiberglass donkeys and elephants for
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ project. The 200 donkeys and elephants were showcased across the nation's capitol for 4 months for the project DC Party Animals.
Roscoe        (2001) · The Rooster Memorial · Takoma Park, Maryland · 12” x 8” x 4” (bronze) · This sculpture was designed in conjunction with the Memorial Committee
community members and a Maryland animal rights group.  I created a bronze sculpture of the legendary rooster that lived wild in the city of Takoma Park for 10 years.   

Chief Powhatan (1987) · Spring Park · Takoma Park, Maryland · 15' x 8' x 4' (wood/cement/paints) · This sculpture memorializes Chief Powhatan, a great chief who was the leader
of an eastern Maryland American Indian tribe of the 1700's.  According to historians, he was one of the first people to discover the value of the Takoma Park special springs.

Rocket Child (1990) · Richard Montgomery High School · Rockville, Maryland · 30' x 10' x 10' (wood/cement/paints) · The rocket design was chosen by staff and students as
being the best to represent school goals and desires. This sculpture was created through an artist in resident program for Art in Public Schools, Montgomery County.

7 Sculptures of Appreciation (1984) · Takoma Park Folk Festival · Takoma Park, Maryland · 7" x 3" x 3" (fired clay) · These sculptures were commissioned by the Takoma Park
Folk Festival committee present to the founders of the Takoma Park Folk Festival.

· Activities ·
Takoma Artist's Guild (1983-2000) · Chair and Founder · Takoma Park, Maryland · 16 years as chair of artist members in arranging exhibits and critics in the Richard Dempsy
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