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My experience includes 20 years of youth counseling, experiential education, outdoor adventure, and team building. These
activities are used as a catalyst for good communication, working together, and learning through doing. I am a team builder,
assisting youth and adults in improving their skills to be strong team members.

My goals are to provide opportunities in group activities, art, and communication that will allow members to share ideals,
work together and have fun.

Group leaders with group goals will find a closer movement to success by their members.

Team games, art, and other activities, that encourages positive communication and self expression are used to assist teams
and groups to become strong, learn and have fun.

What is the "Main Event"? ...This is an evening of events that occur to show the results of efforts made by the team to
become strong.

The "Main Event" is an evening of fun, challenges, excitement, and participation that will show the results of commitment to
goals, positive attitudes and team success.
"Main Event"
Ra Studio Winner of Maryland Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise Award

Prestigious award given to Ra Studio  Chosen from 5000 business in Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, and Virginia. Ceremony will take place on
October 21, 2010.

Sole Proprietor  Ra Studio – (2008 to present) Winner of the 100 Top MBE award 2010 - Artist/Facilitator/Instructor ·
I instruct  youth and adults in teambuilding and group interaction using the arts, communication, and activities to assist
groups in being strong teams. One of my tools for making successful teams is Tai Chi Chaun. I have studied and practice tai
chi for more that 40 years. I have taught tai chi to youth , adults and families in Montgomery county and in youth services for
20 years. I use this art form as a way to teach meditation and skill building in balance, confidence and the tai chi structure