Bronze 15" x 8" x 3"
Public Square, Takoma Park Maryland
Home Base
Cast Stone and Bronze   6’ x 24” x 14”
Scotland Maryland
Welcome Globe
Construction 5"x  5"
Glen Haven MS, Wheaton Maryland
The Eagle
Construction 5’ x 8’ x 3'
Glen Haven MS, Wheaton Maryland
Casted Stone  14’ x  6’ x  7’
Takoma Park, Maryland
Cast Stone  5' x 6' x 3'
National Harbor, Maryland
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For his public art projects, Normon Greene prefers to work directly with community
members and youth to develop and create large sculptures and public art pieces. A natural
teacher, he enjoys engaging the community and nurturing art making in others.

His best known public art piece “Five in the Wind” was installed at the new $4B National
Harbor Development in Maryland. This landmark piece sits along the water’s edge and is
enjoyed by pedestrians as they walk along the waterfront.
The Electric Horse
Casted Stone   7'x 5' x 4'
Brentwood, Maryland