Normon Greene
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Imagine......a sculpture at 6 feet
or a painting on a wall....
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Normon Greene, Sole Proprietor of RA Studio, is an Black American artist whose contemporary public art, sculptures, and
paintings are featured in public art and fine art collections across the country.

His abstracted figures recall the minimalist forms of Henri Moore and rhythmic movements of Umberto Boccioni, while
thematically he explores interpersonal relationships and observes people’s interactions with their environments.

He works in a variety of art and construction materials, including cast stone, clay, acrylics, bronze, ceramics, oil, fiberglass,
concrete and grits.  He is best known for his public art sculpture, “Five in the Wind”, which can be viewed at the new $4B
National Harbor development in Maryland. These five lively figures clutch onto each other for support as they brace
themselves against the wind. This idea of “support” is a recurring theme seen in many of Normon Greene’s artworks.